Wilnest ContegoWilnest Contego

Size of the entrance
The Contego has a clever twist system that offers choice of 2 different entrance sizes.

  • 28 mm: blue tit
  • 35 mm: house sparrow, nuthatch, pied flycatcher, tomtit.

So you decide yourself which type of bird will nest in your bird house.

Optimal indoor climate
The Contego has a fully double-skinned construction and is therefore well insulated. This clever form of insulation keeps the climate of the bird house free of changes in the outside temperature.

No surplus moisture
The Contego had a sophisticated ventilation system which prevents the formation of condensation. Any surplus moisture is removed through drain holes in the floor.

Long lasting
With a solid plastic construction that at least remains10 years with solid color, the Contego is extremely durable.

Not affected by light and rain
The overhanging roof prevents the penetration of direct sunlight or rain .

Securely attached
Thanks to a solid setting with a saddle, the Contego cannot be lifted by predators. The Contego is easy to take off, in that way the nest can be watched easily.

Develeped by experts
As with the first Wilnest generation, in the development of the Contego there is very well listened to opinions and suggestions of 'bird watchers’.

 Wilnest Contego

Wilnest Contego

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